Monday, June 14, 2004

Timeline Adjustment

An article appearing in today's New York Times is casting serious doubt on the claim that senior military officials were not alerted about prisoner abuse in Iraq until January of 2004.

According to the article,

"Beginning in November, a small unit of interrogators at Abu Ghraib prison began reporting allegations of prisoner abuse, including the beatings of five blindfolded Iraqi generals, in internal documents sent to senior officers, according to interviews with military personnel who worked in the prison.

The disclosure of the documents raises new questions about whether senior officers in Iraq were alerted about serious abuses at the prison before January. Top military officials have said they only learned about abuses then, after a soldier came forward with photographs of the abuse.

'We were reporting it long before this mess came out,' said one of several military intelligence soldiers interviewed in Germany and the United States who asked not to be identified for fear they would jeopardize their careers.

The Red Cross has said it alerted American military commanders in Iraq to abuses at Abu Ghraib in November. But the disclosures that the military's own interrogators had alerted superiors to abuse back then in internal documents has not been previously reported."

Also included in the reports from the interrogators were incidents occurring at sites in Iraq other than Abu Ghraib.

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