Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Beating To Death Is Torture

As I have said before on this site, beatings that result in the death of the detainee should be put under the category of torture, not abuse, for those that wish to parse the legal definitions of the two. Below is an account of one of the detainees that died while being interrogated by various U.S. military, intelligence and civilian organizations. This one in particular was being interrogated by the CIA, as reported in today's New York Times:

"Central Intelligence Agency officers who brought a hooded man to Abu Ghraib ordered military guards at the prison not to remove the empty sandbag that covered his head, according to the sworn testimony of a military guard. Only after the prisoner slumped over dead during questioning was the hood removed, revealing that the man had severe facial injuries.

The incident was described in testimony at a closed hearing early last month in the case of Sgt. Javal S. Davis, one of the accused prison guards. The statements were made by two members of Sergeant Davis's unit, Specialists Bruce Brown and Jason A. Kenner. Their testimony appears to provide fresh clues to the mysterious death of a man identified by the American authorities only by his last name, Jamadi.

Mr. Jamadi is believed to be the man whose body was packed in ice and photographed at Abu Ghraib. The picture, among a group that depicted degrading treatment of detainees, has circulated widely on computer networks as one of most graphic images in the prisoner abuse scandal."

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