Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Me And My Shadow

A couple of thoughts regarding the fact that our intrepid Commander in Chief refused to appear before the 9/11 commission without Vice President Cheney, and even then refused to give answer questions under oath:

First, could you imagine a scenario in which George Bush Sr. would have ever refused to appear before a commission unless his VP, Dan Quayle, were present? Or that George Bush Sr. would feel insecure without Quayle (feel free to insert other President/Vice President tandems in the above stated analogy)?

Second, why does a President who feels so comfortable invoking the name of "Jesus" and "The Almighty" in speeches justifying his policies regarding everything from war, the Patriot Act and taxes to the environment, labor policy and eductation, suddenly feel so uncomfortable swearing to God that he will tell the truth to the 9/11 commission?

Just asking.......

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