Thursday, May 20, 2004

The Rainbow's End

Despite almost unanimous public outcry, even some form of condemnation from the Bush administration, the Sharon government is pushing ahead with the violent incursion into the Gaza Strip carried out under the cheery sounding euphemism, "Operation Rainbow."

Today, as reported on CNN:

"Israeli forces in southern Gaza have killed at least six Palestinians in the latest military operation in Rafah, Palestinian security sources said Thursday.

Israeli Apache helicopters fired four rockets in the southern Gaza town, and one of them hit a house, killing four people, the sources said.

The sources also reported a 3-year-old boy died from shock after Israeli forces shelled his neighborhood, but he was not directly killed by Israeli fire."

Although the Bush administration issued a statement saying "we do not see that its operations in Gaza in the last few days serve the purposes of peace and security," the U.S. abstained from a vote in the U.N. on a resolution, which passed, condemning the killing of Palestinian civilians in southern Gaza and calling on Israel to stop demolishing homes there.

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