Monday, May 10, 2004

What About The Children?

As further evidence of "compassionate conservativism," the Bush administration is launching an assault on Section 8 housing vouchers that:

"go primarily to families that live at or below the poverty level, in households that include children, disabled people or the elderly. These families pay 30 percent of their incomes toward rent and the Section 8 vouchers pay the rest. Some cities give priority to battered women, many of them with children, who have to find a new place to live to escape danger."

Apparently, the Bush administration is looking at ways to cut costs from a budget that is facing enormous and unprecedented deficits due, in most part, to a historic series of tax cuts that disproportionately favor the wealthiest Americans. As Harvard economist Paul Krugman pointed out recently, the United States has never cut taxes in a time of war until the Bush administration did so - twice. Actually, to date, Krugman has not been able to identify any society or civilization in the history of the World that cut taxes while waging war.

If that is compassionate conservativism, what does regular conservativism look like?

The rest of the above quoted piece can be found here.

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