Monday, May 17, 2004

The Young Turk Is Changing Addresses

As a head's up to any readers of the YoungTurk, this site will be moving to a new URL effective late tonight or early tomorrow morning. Consistent with the name of the new site, "Total Information Awareness," the new site will be located at:

Also, I wish to give credit where credit is due, and in fairness I owe the inspiration for the name of my site to Pentagon Adm. John Poindexter, who chose the Orwellian name "Total Information Awareness" for the highly controversial computer program that would have allowed the CIA, FBI and other intelligence apparatuses to mine information from the Internet in such a widespread and unfettered way that civil libertarians, both liberals and conservatives objected. The Congress eventually cut funding for TIA, but a renamed version is currently being considered. Conservative columnist William Safire discusses the status of this legislation, and the recommendations of a panel appointed by the Pentagon to analyze the proposals, in his column in today's New York Times.

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