Thursday, June 17, 2004

Leo Strauss And The Neo-Conservative Movement

As an homage to my days as a philosophy major, I strongly recommend this intelligent critique of author and college professor Leo Strauss, the intellectual forefather, and philosophical epicenter of the neo-conservative movement.

Author, and professor of political science, Nicholas Xenos traces the biography of Leo Strauss's life, and the anthology of his works, while creating a telling picture of Strauss as the intellectual wellspring that created a unique school of political thought and theory, whose fervent adherents include Paul Wolfowitz, William Kristol, David Brooks and many of their neo-conservative compatriots.

Xenos also explains how Strauss's theories and teachings have greatly influenced the current administration's domestic and foreign policy, as well as the related discourse, language and lexicon. This piece provides a valuable perspective and philosophical context for understanding and analyzing many of the current trends in world events, and the way they are treated, both practically and linguistically, by those who currently hold sway over the policy-making apparatuses in Washington and beyond.

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