Monday, June 14, 2004

Shock And Awful

Yesterday's New York Times reported how the Iraq invasion began with a series of resounding failures that resulted in dozens of innocent civilian deaths. According to the times:

"The United States launched many more failed airstrikes on a far broader array of senior Iraqi leaders during the early days of the war last year than has previously been acknowledged, and some caused significant civilian casualties, according to senior military and intelligence officials."

The article goes on to cite military sources: "An unclassified Air Force report issued in April 2003 categorized 50 attacks from March 19 to April 18 as having been time-sensitive strikes on Iraqi leaders. An up-to-date accounting posted on the Web site of the United States Central Command shows that 43 of the top 55 Iraqi leaders on the most-wanted list have now been taken into custody or killed, but that none were taken into custody until April 13, 2003, and that none were killed by airstrikes."

With such an inauspicious start, who could have guessed things would have turned out so poorly?

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