Monday, June 14, 2004

Spy Vs. Spy

Salon has an interesting interview with Thomas Powers, the author of "Intelligence Wars: American Secret History From Hitler to Al Qaeda." In order to enter the site, you need to agree to watch a brief ad, but it is well worth the 15 seconds. In this interview, Powers offers a unique insight into the interplay of the intelligence community and the civilian leadership in the White House and the Pentagon, in particular the influence of the latter over the former.

According to Powers, "the White House's corruption of intelligence has caused the greatest foreign policy catastrophe in modern U.S. history -- and sparked a civil war with the nation's intel agencies.

The U.S. is now waging three wars...One is in Iraq. The second is in Afghanistan. And the third is in Washington -- an all-out war between the White House and the nation's own intelligence agencies."

Powers "charges that the Bush administration is responsible for what is perhaps the greatest disaster in the history of U.S. intelligence. From failing to anticipate 9/11 to pressuring the CIA to produce bogus justifications for war, from abusing Iraqi prisoners to misrepresenting the nature of Iraqi insurgents, the Bush White House, the Pentagon and the intelligence agencies they corrupted, coerced or ignored have made extraordinarily grave errors which could threaten our national security for years. By manipulating intelligence and punishing dissent while pursuing an extreme foreign-policy agenda, Bush leaders have set spy against U.S. spy and deeply damaged America's intelligence capabilities."

The rest of the article can be located here.

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