Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Where's The Compassion?

For anyone interested in taking a peak behind the facade to see what the real agenda of the Bush administration's power base within the conservative movement is (hint: it's not really very "compassionate"), check out this synopsis of the Texas GOP party platform. There are sections of this platform that run counter to mainstream conservativism and, to put it bluntly, are outright frightening.

Some highlights, or lowlights (depending on your political persuasion), include these platform goals:

-The Supreme Court should not be allowed to decide the constitutionality of laws regarding abortion, religion, or anything else related to the Bill of Rights. In these areas, Congress, and the states, should be allowed to pass any laws they wish.

-We should completely do away with separation of church and state.

-Gay sex should be a criminal offense.

-The Biblical story of creation should be taught in science classes.

-Social Security should be abolished.

-Get the United States out of the UN.

-Take back the Panama Canal, by force if necessary

My question is, when are mainstream conservatives and moderates going to realize that their party has been hijacked by a fringe element that is pushing an extremist agenda. Because although we may be tempted to dismiss this group as marginal, remember that Texas Republicans make up a strong power base within the White House (President Bush after all) and within the Senate and House (Tom Delay for example). Will the "liberal" media even think to ask Bush whether or not he endorses his own state's party platform, and then follow up with specifics? My guess is no, but if the majority of Americans understood what this movement is about, Bush would not be successful in convincing the public that he is a centrist with mottos like "compassionate connservativism." Then again, the past 3+ years of policy decisions might have already made that a moot point.

For anyone who wishes to read the whole 2000 Texas GOP platform, check out this link.

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