Friday, July 02, 2004

Finishing School

An incident today in the embattled region of Kashmir is the first sign of the unfortunate reality that has become Iraq. Just as Lebanon was in the 70's, Afghanistan in the 80's and Chechnya in the 90's, Iraq has become the new training ground for international jihadists. Scores of young radicals have poured in to the lawless, stateless vacuum that has existed since the toppling of Saddam in order to establish their jihadist bona fides and to learn the skills of jihad, guerilla warfare and terrorist planning and execution. A country once devoid of radical Islamists, is now awash with their ranks, and apparently they are mobile.

This was reported today on CNN:

Five Indian policemen died when a motorcade of VIPs came under attack by suspected Islamic militants in the Indian part of Kashmir.

According to the Inspector-General of Police P.L. Gupta, "The car carrying the policemen was totally destroyed by an explosion, apparently caused by an improvised explosive device."

Sound familiar?

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