Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Journalism 101

I'm thinking that maybe Irish journalist Carol Coleman didn't do enough to educate our press corp, through her example, on the finer points of asking follow up questions, and doggedly covering topics that might be uncomfortable for the interviewee.

So I'll point to lesson number two, this interview of Donald Rumsfeld by David Dimbleby of the BBC who showed that such tactics were possible, if not preferrable, even way back on March 4, 2003, before the recent wake-up call in the American media regarding the collective complicity and docility that our press corp showed toward the Bush administration, and their intentions, in the run up to the Iraq invasion.

If members of the media are willing to ask the tough questions beforehand, they can avoid the need to make embarassing mea culpas after the fact, or in the alternative lose their credibility around the world, and the American people will be better informed when making important, world changing decisions. This is supposed to be the role of the media after all, especially the SCLM.

Tim are you paying attention?

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