Monday, August 16, 2004

Executive Indecision

The Center for American Progress has compiled a greatest hits collection of President Bush's most infamous flip-flops. It illustrates how superficial and hollow the criticism of Kerry as a flip-flopper really is, considering that the same allegation can be levelled at any politician, especially and including Bush himself.

I feel gratitude to groups like the Center that are doing the work that the so-called liberal media isn't doing to expose the hypocrisy in the charge against Kerry being repeated and echoed ad nauseum. This type of critique as distraction is nothing new however. Wheter it be Al Gore's personality, likeability meters, first lady fetish, or the oft discussed poll regarding which candidate potential voters would rather have a beer with, it seems that the media is intent on following the GOP's cues in avoiding substance in favor of style and scandal. Anything to avoid the issues. Same old song and dance.

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