Monday, September 20, 2004

Mailbag - Arnold And The Veterans

I will once again reiterate my offer to any and all readers of TIA to send me your rants, ravings, opinions and feedback (e-mail address at the top of the page). I promise to read them all, and will publish the ones that warrant such treatment. I truly value such opinions because they can provide for a bit more diversity of thought on this site - outside of my own perspective. In pursuit of this, I publish, verbatim, these thoughts from a TIA reader:

Two things have piqued my interest in the news lately, i'm emailing them to you as opposed to posting them on your blog because there is not an appropriate article on which to comment.

1 - Some Republican Congressman is proposing changing the law to allow a citizen who is not born in the country to run for president. I'd imagine it'll be known as the Arnold amendment. I'd imagine that current people who fit this bill would be grandfathered. Sounds like someone is dying to be Conan the Governor's VP.

2 - On Sunday, September 12, there was a Veterans Against Kerry rally in DC. It was attended by hundreds if not thousands. There was not a mention of it in the New York Times. that sounds like something most people would think is fit to print.

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