Monday, November 22, 2004

Blog Tower

Mick Arran, he of infinite blogger hats, has recently dedicated his considerable talents to something that I consider a very worthy effort. The project is entitled Blog Tower, and it aspires to be something of a periodical for bloggers. The editors scour the internet for talented writers and meaningful posts, and compile them for publishing under a single cover.

For me, this is an excellent resource for discovering blogs, writers and articles that otherwise slip through the cracks. The best part is, the editors have put in the effort locating the pieces, so all you have to do is enjoy the fruits of their labor. Of course you could leave a small donation to aid the cause, but that is left to your discretion.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I should note that one of my pieces is featured in Volume 1 - hence my effusive praise).

Here is the editor's note:

From the Editor:

A lot of the best writing in America, maybe in the world, can be found on blogs and hardly anybody knows it. Blog Tower aims to change all that by rounding up the best we've run across, ganking them straight out from underneath the authors and reprinting them here all in one place, probably without their knowledge, certainly without their permission. Blog Tower has only one priority: sharp, clean, interesting writing, and we'll steal it wherever we find it.

From political essays to pungent satire, from social commentary to humorous anecdotes, we promise you some of the best blog-writing around, and all collected in the same place. If you're new to blogs, you'll find a ton of interesting sites you'll want to visit again and again, and if you're an old pro, well, we think there will be some surprises for you, too.

So settle back and give your browser a well-earned rest. You've both earned it.

- Mick

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