Monday, November 01, 2004

Final Thoughts On The Eve

I was hoping to have something profound to say on the eve of election, but as the time draws near, I am at a loss for words - which for me is something worth noting. All I can say is vote for Kerry, and then proceed to list the reasons that I have laid out in great detail over the past 6 months - really since Total Information Awareness began in May 2004. If you need a reason to vote for John Kerry, search the archives because there are too many to recap at this point.

And what purpose would it serve? I don't think there are any more undecideds left, and if there are, they're probabaly not spending the day reading left-leaning political blogs. If there are, and I've offended you, I apologize. And oh yeah, vote for Kerry.

Although equally devoid of impact, I will offer my prediction. This might not come as a bombshell revelation to most, but I think Kerry will win. I'm not just saying that to rally supporters who might be entertaining doubts. That work is over. Now I am speaking as honestly and openly as I can when I say: I strongly believe Kerry will emerge victorious tomorrow (or early Wednesday morning most likely, judging by the expectation of enormous turnout at the polls).

Call it a gut feeling, say it's a hunch, label it the predictive power of Washington Redskins football, blame it on optimism based on the
latest round of polls if you like. There is nothing more scientific behind it than that, and anyone who claims otherwise is suffering from delusions of grandeur. But since I'm making a prediction, I might as well lay it all on the line. Here is my take on the final electoral college tally:

Kerry - 280
Bush - 258

Now get out there and vote.

[Update: What Juan Cole said.]

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