Thursday, December 23, 2004

Happy Holidays!!!

I'm not sure to what degree I will be blogging over the Christmas weekend (which mercifully begins tomorrow for me), but I should be back on Monday. I'd like to wish all the TIA readers a Happy Holiday season however you choose to celebrate it, and thank you all for participating in this little endeavor.

If you're interested in some weekend reading, allow me to recommend
Mick Arran's ground-breaking blogger-based e-zine Blog Tower, which just released its second edition. Once again, Mick was generous enough to include an article of mine in the Tower (my two-part series on the Wal-Mart behemoth). Many of you may have read those posts already, but I encourage you to peruse the rest of Blog Tower's offerings - a fine assortment of flavors which now includes some new sections for Science, Philosophy, and Society (somehow I think Coturnix influenced Mick's decision to include a Science section, but that's just a hunch - or is it).

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