Friday, January 28, 2005

Friday Wrap-Up

Most regular TIA readers know that I don't do much blogging on the weekends, but I try to offer some parting shots on Friday to tide you over.

First, some business to attend to: let's get out the vote.
Chez Nadezhda, which is the blogospheric domicile of the three-headed dynamo that is Nadezhda, Praktike, and MC MasterChef, is up for an award in the Best Non-European Blog category at Fistful of Euros. I love the name of that site by the way - I'm a sucker for any of the Sergio Leone westerns, especially those with Clint Eastwood starring. If I had to show someone the quintessential western by which the genre should be judged, it would be The Good, The Bad and The Ugly without a doubt. Pardon the cinematic tangent though. So, like I was saying, let's give Chez Nadezhda the TIA push they need to overcome their worthy competition.

More voting news:
Wampum has some more categories up for the semi-finals (upper-left corner of the home page), including Best Series. My top picks in that category are, first, the talented Coturnix from Science and Politics (also of Circadiana fame), for his staggering 40 part series entitled "Building on Lakoff" (he also has a slightly more modest 5 part series nominated entitled "What Would Darwin Do" that is more than worthy of consideration). And of course, my favorite Aussie Tim Dunlop has an entry with his rolling review of "Richard Clarke's Against All Enemies" at the Road To Surfdom. You could never go wrong with a trip to the beach house where Dunlop plays host. I should remind the reader that TIA is still asking for votes in the Best New Blog and the Most Deserving Of Wider Recognition categories (Best Overall Blog too, but that is a longshot for a neophyte like TIA - that's two references to myself in the third person in one sentence, a sure sign of dementia).

Otherwise, I wanted to highlight some of the recent additions to the blogroll. First up, is the knowledgeable and witty Tim (make that the 891st "Tim" in the blogosphere - must be something about the name that facilitates computer interface) from
Why Are All The Good Names Gone?. He offers a refreshing challenge to some of the echo-ish effects around these parts from an insider's perspective in many instances, and has been a force in the comments section as of late. Thanks for the contributions.

Threading the Needle is a thoughtful blog that tries to tackle big issues with a balanced approach. Not just a partisan crusade, but a problem solver (both are needed though, and I ain't afraid to wear both hats depending on the weather - and neither is that site's author lest you think it's all middle of the road stuff). And last but not least, Arthur from Ad Populum (make that the 1,891st lawyer in the blogosphere - must be something about us liking to argue and hear ourselves speak or type). Arthur is a frequent sparrer on publius's site, which is now the every other Thursday home of TIA, so he is family by association.

As has become my custom, I try to point to a little levity on Fridays. In pursuit of that, I turn, once again, to the very capable RJ Eskow from Night Light. Check out his two part series on the SpongeBob fiasco (especially
Part I which re-defines the parameters of "Gaydar" and the ability for cross dimensional travel - and then there's Part II).

And I've only recently discovered the slightly twisted but often humorous
Norbizness. No particular post to point to, but browse away (at your own risk and with the usual caveats that I do not endorse the opinions expressed...yadda, yadda, yadda, legalism, jargon, formality, blah, blah, blah....).

On a more serious note, Praktike,
guest blogging on Howard Dean's site, offers those readers a useful guide for what is, in my opinion, a very sensible approach to issues of foreign policy in the years of Bush the younger (despite a little good natured blue language that at least one reader took issue with - but hey, he was playing to the crowd). Someone should hire Praktike as a consultant or something.

Have a nice weekend. See you on Monday (man, even my wrap-ups are long winded).

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