Friday, January 14, 2005

Not That Busy...

I guess I'm not too busy to ask for votes - again. TIA made it into the semifinals of the 3rd Annual Koufax Awards in the category of "Most Deserving Of Wider Recognition" (hat tip to the ever vigilant Coturnix also known as the Circadianan One - and by the way, multiple blogs is a sure sign of conceit...or talent. Either one.).

This category always struck me as kind of odd since you need enough readership to prevail in the vote, but not so many that you would be disqualified from being described as deserving of more recognition. Hmmm, maybe a perfect fit for TIA. But only if you, the reader, vote by leaving a comment here.

Of course, I'm still accepting votes for Best New Blog and Best Overall Blog if you care to check the box. Think of it like an election where you vote for your preferred presidential candidate, and then keep pulling the levers down the line in mindless partisan uniformity.

In that sense, it's TIA for president. Hey, I like the sound of that....

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