Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Final Countdown

Much to my surprise, and due to the remarkable generosity of TIA readers, this website has made it into the final round of the Koufax Awards in the category of Best New Blog. The downside is I have to ask you once again to make the trip to Wampum and give TIA a shout out in the comments section. Or, if you prefer anonymity, you can email Dwight and tell him of your choice (his email address is in the upper right corner of Wampum's home page). The upside is, this is the last time I will solicit votes.

But hey, even Feddie from
Southern Appeal cast his vote in TIA's column - a testament to our crossover appeal - so you really don't have any excuses.

Thanks again, I really appreciate the vote of confidence.

(And for the record,
publius was robbed)

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