Thursday, February 03, 2005

I'm Back...Er....Sort Of

The demands of work have slackened just enough to allow me to prepare a little something. But why post it over here when I can pursue my marauding wanderlust and urge for blogospheric conquest? So like Errol Flynn with blade clenched firmly between teeth, I swing from the "long tail" rigging hanging on the deck of TIA, over to the USS Legal Fiction, where I will pillage and loot for the rest of the day.

The brief introduction and first post are up, and another will follow shortly. But wait, before you pick up that mouse and place your order, TIA is offering the same great content at two convenient locations. Liberals Against Terrorism is also housing these posts, so you can choose which format is easier on the eyes. We aim to please, and the customer is always right.

[Update: Part II is up at Legal Fiction and Liberals Against Terrorism]

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