Thursday, March 17, 2005

St. Ides Of March

What? It's the first day of the NCAA tournament and St. Patrick's day to boot and you expect me to find inspiration in the world of politics. Priorities ladies and gentlemen, priorities (but if you must scratch your itch, the praktike-Djerejian back and forth is kind of fun to watch - just follow the links back from that post).

So, in the spirit of mass March psychosis, allow me to shout out: GO CATS!!! (as in the University of Vermont Catamounts). It's not like this David stands much of a chance against the Goliath of Syracuse, but seeing as my alma maters (Fordham and NYU) don't get involved much in college athletics, I'll have to adopt my brother and sister's alma from up north. If I was more cunning in these things, I would hop on the
publius Kentucky bandwagon, but I've never been the clever sort. I'm curious to know which school a Yale grad gets behind this time of year, but my guess is the University of Pittsburgh - call it a product of my insider knowledge, but I could be wrong.

As for St. Patrick's day, I caught a glimpse of the parade from my office today and it was enough to inspire me to head out for the evening and brave the annual puddles of vomit that punctuate the sidewalk like land mines, the ungrateful souvenir left behind by overzealous bridge and tunnel youths who think that getting as drunk as possible in as short a period of time is supposed to pay homage to an Irish saint (ah, the folly of youth). But in the spirit of the holiday, I am offering a TIA special with a distinctly Irish tie-in. If you happen to catch me at Puck Fair later tonight (Lafayette between Houston and Prince) partaking in a Guiness (it's still the winter to me Avedis), then I'll offer you a free one for your effort. Find the bartender named Jeremy and ask him to point me out, and the first beer's on me.

Happy St. Patrick's Day all, and may your brackets remain pristine through the weekend. I know mine won't.

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