Friday, March 18, 2005

Weekend Reading

I offer you a little something to nibble on in between basketball games.

First and foremost, Hilzoy from Obsidian Wings has written something of rare beauty and strength regarding the Eugene Volokh controversy. If you haven't been following, Volokh recently waxed envious about Iran's system of capital punishment that includes flogging and beatings before a prolonged strangulation designed to maximize the pain and suffering of the prisoner. In the course of his rhapsodizing, Volokh (a law professor mind you) suggested that we should amend our Bill of Rights to allow for the injection of more cruelty and full bodied vengeance into our penal system. Take my word for it, read Hilzoy. Hers is by far the most eloquent and insightful treatment of this matter that I have seen (hat tip to praktike who has much better taste in bloggers than college hoops teams).

Next, I have a relatively short post up at Liberals Against Terrorism if you care to follow Mssr. Martin to his second home (my only other home I should say now that publius has tired of my ramblings and evicted me from my Thursday spot - repeat after me kill my landlord, kill my landlord...). In keeping with recent tradition, there is a musical reference in the post title, so 50 TIA points to whoever calls it out first.

More links to follow, but chew on these for now...

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