Thursday, April 14, 2005

Here, There, Everywhere

The latest feature article is up on the Coalition For Darfur's homepage and, as usual, it is worth a read.

I also have two posts (which are not cross-posted here) at
Liberals Against Terrorism if any TIA readers are interested. The first discusses a spate of revelations (or perhaps corroborations) regarding John Negroponte's role in covering up human rights abuses in Honduras as well as his role in supporting the covert Contra effort in neighboring Nicaragua. The new information comes as a result of the acquisition of declassified documents, often written by Negroponte himself, through various FOIA requests.

second post is a link and discuss of Laura Rozen's artful take-down of David Brooks' latest effort: an ode to the odious John Bolton. Her piece is well worth the read (and my commentary may be of some value as well).

I will be posting more on Liberals Against Terrorism in the days ahead as I try to pick up the slack while "Biggish Media Praktike" settles into his new recurring role as a contributor to the
blog operated by Grist - the environmentally themed magazine, as well as his high profile guest slot on Kevin Drum's Washington Monthly this weekend. It's about time praktike got a little recognition. The kid's a dynamo (I can say kid because I am about four years his senior), and his intelligent voice should be heard in more corners of the 'sphere.

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