Friday, April 15, 2005

Tolerable Friedman

This is priceless. Lamenting the turn-back-the-clock to circa 1890 assault on the New Deal, the deliberate inattention to and neglect of science, and the fact that our Asian competitors are leaving us in the dust in the realm of high speed broadband and wireless technology, Friedman offers this pearl:

It's as if we have an industrial-age presidency, catering to a pre-industrial ideological base, in a post-industrial era.
Wake up Republicans. There's a world that's moving forward and trying to claw backward to some never-was golden age is simply not an option.

We have a Treasury secretary from the railroad industry. We have an administration that won't lift a finger to prevent the expensing of stock options, which is going to inhibit the ability of U.S. high-tech firms to attract talent - at a time when China encourages its start-ups to grant stock options to young innovators. And we have movie theaters in certain U.S. towns afraid to show science films because they are based on evolution and not creationism.
The science of non-science has got to go. Enough already.

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