Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Your humble narrator will be departing for a much needed vacation tomorrow, and will relinquish my blogging duties to two more than capable hands during my getaway. I've been in a crunch to get last minute law firm related work finished, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to get anything more substantive up today.

No worries though, as a couple of blog-friends have agreed to generously donate their time and efforts to keeping TIA warm while I'm off engaging in more debaucherous pursuits. First, TIA's most frequent guest columnist, and blogospheric commenter extraordinaire, Mssr. Jonnybutter of
Crush All Boxes will be authoring semi-regular posts. Alternating with Jonny will be TTN of Threading The Needle - somewhat new-ish to the game, Threading The Needle is an interesting and thought provoking read on a regular basis. I think you'll enjoy what each of them brings to the table, and the fresh perspectives will provide a welcome change.

As for me, I'll finally be escaping the perpetually cold and rainy confines of London NYC to frolic in the sweet swelter of the desert. Viva Las Vegas baby.

(please note: should I somehow strike it rich in Vegas, you might not ever hear from me again...but in reality, I'll see you all again June 1st.)

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