Friday, June 10, 2005

The Friday Spot

Due to the overwhelming positive feedback TIA received for the alternating guest posts from TTN and Jonny over the extended Memorial Day weekend, and much to my pleasure, TIA will be turning over the site every Friday to one of these worthy compatriots.

This week TTN has composed yet another typically intelligent piece, which I have somewhat rudely buried beneath the back and forth of the ongoing blog debate between myself and Marc Schulman. But don't let his post get lost in the shuffle, it is well worth the read (I'll be moving it up one notch on the site since, due to my timestamp error, I unceremoniously pushed his down one). Next Friday, it's Jonny's TIA again, and I will try to be less intrusive. Looking forward to it.

As for the debate in progress, I will be posting my third rebuttal to Mr. Schulman some time later tonight or early tomorrow. Despite the framework we established, Marc has been generously accommodating of my somewhat demanding day job and the minor deviations from our agreed upon schedule which have resulted. A true gentleman and a scholar. Stay tuned for more....

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