Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Did I Say Texas Mafia?

All I'm going to say is go read this short post from Josh Marshall. I'll wait for you to get through it. Done? Good. Now go read this second post from Josh.

WOW. This is getting verrrrrry interesting. Karl's in trouble. And Bush obviously lied, big time, about his intention to hold anyone involved accountable. Unless there is some other definition of accountable out there, and some other standard for knowing about involvement.

Note also from the DeFrank article cited by Josh Marshall (as well as other recent disclosures): there are some very senior White House officials coming clean for the first time in years. The discipline, the secrecy, the veil - all are disintegrating at once. What will this sudden burst of sunlight reveal when all is told? I've got a couple of guesses.

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