Wednesday, October 05, 2005

TIA Goes To London?

To Belgravia Square in fact. If not in the actual physical sense, at least in the blogospheric cyber-sense. For the month of October I will be guest blogging at Belgravia Dispatch with the always interesting Dan Darling, with whom I have had numerous cross-blog dialogues. No more clicking on links to follow the back and forth - for a limited time only two legendary bloggers under the same roof! (please note: the use of the word legendary was meant in the loosest possible sense and is in no way a warranty of actual talent and/or skill level of said bloggers - at least in my case).

I can only hope Greg knew what he was doing when he invited me into the fold. Be sure to visit regularly for what promises to be some lively discourse. In the meantime, I will be authoring pieces for TIA as well as providing links to the Belgravia based content - so for the travel averse, you are welcome to stay here in the States.

For those looking to stamp their passport, my first London-based post is up here.

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