Monday, November 28, 2005

Thar She Blows

On Sunday, Juan Cole reported on a disturbing development for the Iraq blowback watch (previously discussed here):

Al-Zaman/AFP: Moroccan security agencies said Saturday that they had foiled a attempt by al-Qaeda to attack buildings belonging to the government as well as hotels frequented by foreign tourists. Two of the plotters had Belgian citizenship but were of Moroccan heritage. They were Khalid Ouzigh and Muhammad Raha, and both of them had fought in Iraq against US forces there! [emphasis added]
Flypaper not as sticky as advertised. Two more graduates from the "world's most expensive school for terrorism." At least these grads were not able to, um, join the labor force upon graduation. Unfortunately, there will be many more to follow. Let's hope that the counterterrorism officials will be as successful as the combined Moroccan/European effort on display in this case.

(cross-posted at Liberals Against Terrorism)

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