Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

As we approach the conclusion of 2005 and the onset of 2006, the blogosphere will once again begin dispensing with various awards and accolades. Greg Djerejian is up for an award for "Best Conservative Blog." You can vote here. I'm not quite sure what oversight allowed this to happen, but somehow TIA and American Footprints (nee Liberals Against Terrorism) were somehow left off the ballot in, er, every category. My guess is, they figured nominating Belgravia Dispatch was a roundabout way of recognizing TIA. After all, for one whole month of 2005 (October), I was guest blogging at Belgravia. Thus, any award given to Greg should be 1/12 mine (okay, I guess I'll have to share my 1/12 with Dan Darling, so for all you math buffs out there, I get 1/24 of an award).

More seriously, though, I do consider Belgravia Dispatch to be the best conservative blog out there, bar none, and part of the reason is that Greg would even think to invite a left-leaning blogger to fill in for him. That takes a certain amount of open-mindedness that I have always respected in him. Slightly contrarian posts like this are more evidence of the same (ed note: To his credit, Greg was critical of Rummy before it became so fashionable).

So in light of the fact that my seditious leftist rants will probably cost Greg a few votes from the conservative purists out there, I thought I would throw the weight of TIA's vast left/center/right-wing constituency behind him to make up for the losses. Please, go vote.

[UPDATE: After perusing the various categories, and confirming my earlier suspicion that TIA is not "nomination-worthy," I noticed that the gang from Needlenose did manage to snag a nomination. TIA officially endorses Needlenose for whatever it is they could win. But only because Swopa has guided me in the mysterious ways of the Goatee of Jaded Insight. Forever in debt.]

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