Thursday, January 26, 2006

You Think Other People Might Like Me, You Really Think Other People Might Like Me!

Before any of you trigger happy TIA supporters go clicking on any links just hear me out first. Once again, through the good graces of you, the reader, TIA has made the exclusive list of nominees for the "Most Deserving Of Wider Recognition" category for the Koufax Awards. And by "exclusive" I mean TIA and roughly 300 other blogs.

But so you don't get frustrated in your search on the Wampum site to find where to dunk your mouse in the jar of purple ink, please be advised that Wampum won't be accepting votes in the comments section or by e-mail...yet. There is apparently a cooling off period in between nominations and the next round of voting. When they do open the floor to voting, be sure that I will once again strut across this screen like the shameless hussy that I am begging for your votes. Not that I care or anything. Calmer than you are. Whatever.

In the meantime, and since I am a shoe-in to be a perennial favorite in the "Most Deserving Of Wider Recognition" award due to my highly, er, "refined" clientele, I am proposing renaming the award to the more appropriate:

Grilled radicchio enjoyed while sipping glenlivet in your Bergdorff Goodman casual dress, Eric Dolphy playing in the background, Catherine Zeta Jones by your side, bare feet in the warm sand as you watch the sun set over the Riviera.....versus..... you and someone you picked up while shopping at walmart, scarfing 'slaw and chugging MadDog 20/20 while listening to Kenny G. in a Motel 6 somewhere off I-75 Award.*
I have not heard back from the folks at Wampum yet regarding my proposed upgrade.

(* all rights reserved by Mr. A)

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