Friday, February 10, 2006

For The Record

Not that I'm feeling any pressing need to compose my Last Will and Testament or anything, but certain recent rhetorical volleys and other encroachments on privacy perpetrated by conservative America, both currently and in the near past, have me thinking I should get a couple of concepts on the record just to be safe:

1. If I am ever in a vegetative state like Terry Schiavo, please pull the plug. Just not my idea of living. Way I look at it, we're all going to die eventually. I'm comfortable with that understanding, and I sure don't want to hold on to life after I'm done living it. Even if it offends Tom Delay that I should have the right to make such a choice, and the ability to see it carried out without his "small" government interfering.

2. If and when I die (assuming the secret to immortality is not discovered in my lifetime), please talk about politics at the funeral. In fact, I will be deeply, deeply offended if you don't. I know that such discussions at my humble little funeral are not going to garner national attention - or the reprehensible attack campaigns launched by folks like Rove and Mehlman - but I still want people to know that I will not consider them lacking in tact if they mention the things that motivated me in my life. Please.

That is all. Thank you.

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