Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar Who?

Forget the Oscars folks, it's time for the infinitely more glamorous Koufax Awards. The nominations are in, the voting is open and, as predicted, I'm ripe for some unbridled self-promotion. So, in the interest of unabashed ego-centrism, and in pursuit of the only form of currency for which I am currently compensated for my toils, allow me to make the following not-so-humble recommendations.

First of all, go here for a description of the awards and the how-to guide on voting (you can either vote in the comments section for each category, or send an e-mail to the site's authors - use the latter option if you're feeling self-conscious about all your TIA-endorsements in the comments section). After you've familiarized yourself with the voting process, drop by the following categories that contain a TIA-related nomination, and show some love in the comments box/e-mails:

-Best Blog Community (American Footprints)

-Most Deserving of Wider Recognition (Alas, never widely recognized)

-Best Single Issue Blog (I tend to focus a bit on foreign policy, I admit, though I like to think I have my moments of eclecticism. I once mentioned Air Supply. That's got to count for something. What that is, I don't know, but surely something. Still, I'll take the votes)

-Best Post

-Best Series (There's actually a nomination for a certain "Eric Martin" for a couple of posts "he" did while guest blogging at Legal Fiction as well as a series I did over here nominated under the name "TIA." My advice: vote for one, and force, under duress if necessary, one of your friends/family members vote for the other. You don't want to responsible for a sectarian war between Eric Martin and TIA do you? I didn't think so.)

-Best Commenter (Honored to be sharing the field with TIA's contributing author, jonnybutter, as well as my far worthier AmFoot mates nadezhda and praktike - not to mention frequent TIA commenter Avedis. In a rare moment of blogospheric egalitarianism, I say a vote for any is a vote for me. Use your own discretion. Just this once though.)

Yeah, and I guess there are some other categories as well, so if you still have any energy left after pulling the lever for TIA down the line, I guess you could put in some votes for other folks nominated in other categories. But remember your priorities people:

TIA In 2006 - It's Morning In The Blogosphere!

(In all seriousness, thank you all very much for your support, readership and the frequent moments of generosity. Really, such positive feedback, and the constant interaction with you the reader, makes this experience vastly more rewarding. Forever in debt.)

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