Friday, April 07, 2006

Back To The Future

Despite what the euphemisms, and other clever uses of language, might conceal, follow this link for a peak into what we can look forward to in this country if the "culture of life" succeeds in achieving some of its most sought after goals. Listen to the audio of Rachel Maddow's run down of El Salvador's imposition of South Dakota-style anti-abortion laws.

Look, arguing in the abstract about whether or not fertilized eggs have souls and what Jesus' position on abortion would be is one thing. Actually criminalizing abortion is another matter entirely. For example:

What you find [from this story of El Salvador] is a nation in a near-Handmaid's Tale dystopia where a mother of three is imprisoned for 30 years, where a woman must wait until her ectopic pregnancy bursts in her fallopian tubes to get surgery, where the mother of a pregnant woman can be prosecuted for giving aid and comfort to her daughter before, during or after an illegal abortion.
They've even created a special class of investigators charged with policing abortion related crimes. Their job title: "forensic vagina specialists". I wish I was joking.

Some might be tempted to say that we, in America, would do 'outlawing abortion' better than our neighbors to the south. That the Salvadorans are being too heavy handed. But why? What policy, in particular, do the Salvadorans implement that is in any way inconsistent with, or excessive in light of, the belief that abortion is murder. If we accept that premise, all else flows from that point.

So does someone want to explain to me, again, how it is that the Right has a monopoly on values? Feh.

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