Friday, April 28, 2006

Turning Japanese

Breaking News: There is indeed rest for the wicked.

As proof of this shocking new revelation, I leave tomorrow for a one week vacation to Tokyo, Japan - and hopefully Kyoto if I can navigate the intricacies of intra-Japan travel. While over there, I'll be attending the wedding of occasional TIA guest commentator, and lone foreign correspondent, Alexander St John. Long overdue I might add - the vacation that is, not the wedding.

But just because I'll be doing my best to locate Scarlett Johansson while sampling every sake available in Japan, doesn't mean the party has to stop here in TIA-ville. Two highly qualified pinch hitters will be stepping up to the plate to cover for me in my absence. First, frequent guest columnist jonnybutter - a veritable TIA fixture - will be increasing the frequency of his posts.

Spelling jonny will be Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg - the man behind Draft Zinni and the collaborative site Blue Force (where I need to start stepping up my collab duties). If you ever make it out to Drinking Liberally on Thursday nights in NYC, Alex is the one in the hat. And I'm usually right next to him yapping away.

Show them both a little TIA-love while I'm away. And try not to let the Bush administration start any reckless boondoggles until I get back.

Until then, sayonara.

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