Friday, May 19, 2006

Slacker Friday Week

All apologies for the light blogging this week. Such is the nature of serving so many masters: day job, blog(s), beer, etc. Anyway, I thought I'd leave you with a quote of the day to take you into the weekend. The quote is from the inimitable Billmon, discussing the alternating (and often contradictory) denials, celebrations and rotating justifications employed by far too many on the Right - in the Bush era - when confronted with news of a scandal.

In the present instance, Billmon refers to the bombshell announcement by Jack Murtha of a pretty serious war crime allegedly committed by US Marines in Haditha, Iraq [emph. mine]:

Well, after taking a quick swim through the moral sewer of Right Blogistan this morning, I can see how the authoritarian right is going to play this story: It's all Jack Murtha's fault. He's just grandstanding to please his commie puppetmasters and raise money in Hollywood and get in Jane Fonda's pants. Or something like that.

The charges themselves are getting the pure Abu Ghraib treatment -- they're nothing but the lies of the liberal media committed by a few bad apples against people who deserve to be slaughtered in cold blood because Zarqawi beheads people on camera. And nits make lice. Or something like that. At least we're not being told it wasn't any worse than a college fraternity prank. Yet.
If that's not the evolution of the narrative in chronological order, I don't know what is. On that note, have a nice weekend. See you on Monday, hopefully with more TIA-related blogginess.

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