Tuesday, June 13, 2006

That's Why

Quick hit and run linkage here at TIA. I see (via Ezra) that Nathan Newman has put together a rather comprehensive reservoir of information concerning the state of the labor movement in present day America under the heading "Why Unions? Labor 101." I had the pleasure of meeting Nathan at a recent Drinking Liberally event in NYC, and he was engaging enough in person that I tend to pay extra attention to his work when I come across it. I have yet to be disapointed.

The slow deterioration in power and influence of the labor movement in America has been one of the largest, yet unheralded and regrettable, victories of big business over the middle class. The results have skewed a playing field that was already pretty lopsided. Natahn gives a play by play of the sizable stakes involved and what can be done to reverse the trend. Check it out. Well worth the read, if not the bookmark as a go-to resource.

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