Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Rapture Watch

I find this news most disturbing: Sylvester Stallone is currently busy in production working on Rambo IV. Worse still, one of the working titles is actually: Rambo IV: Holy War. Nothing like a little more hype to the "clash of civilizations" speak.

Following closely on the heels of Stallone wrapping up filming of yet another Rocky movie, should we characterize these recent cinematic efforts as Sly's mid-life crisis on celluloid? In his defense, there's something to be said about going through a mid-life crisis at the relatively advanced age of 60. Pretty impressive. Equally impressive is the tremendous physical shape he's in at age 60. Would that I could approach that type of conditioning in my early 30s. Sigh.

Either way, let's hope Stallone's recent franchise resuscitations end here. I'd hate to have to countenance an Over The Top, II: One Man's Arm Wrestling War on Terror. Or something.

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