Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sugar On Your Special K

Sometimes its hard to decide on a favorite blogger over at the National Review's The Corner, they all have such unique, um, talents. But in the end, Kathryn Jean Lopez always finds a way to steal the show. K-Lo was the brains behind this brilliant, yet oddly contradictory, statement following on the heels of Zarqawi's death:

I just had a brief chat with our David Pryce-Jones, whose spirits couldn't be higher this afternoon (in England). He calls Zarqawi’s demise both a "collassal [sic] morale boost" for all of us but says it also has "big operational significance." "When you get rid of a leader, it’s very hard to replace him." The Israelis have proved this time and time again. And while we'll of course likely see stepped up terrorist attacks in the coming days and weeks, David predicts the enemy there will be severely wounded by their loss.
They sure have. And again, and again, and again...but I digress.

Courtesy of Andrew Sullivan, this time we get K-Lo waxing nostalgic about good old-fashioned values and the truer, purer form of feminism of yore that never really existed but in the ungrounded euphoria enabled by twice removed vicarious recall. The subject of her passion in this instance is none other than Mel Gibson:

"Mel Gibson might be my favorite feminist. If he's not number one on my list, he's pretty close, in competition with Pope John Paul II...But give me a few minutes to fawn a little. [...]

[Gibson] shows a real understanding of the depth of women's feeling and the unique role that follows from it: that of giving support and guidance. This understanding of femininity cannot be missed — and should be noted and valued. It's something the likes of a Susan B. Anthony understood, though modern-day feminists would rather we forget it.

In a day when "Take Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries" is an often-heard chorus in mainstream abortion debates, Mel Gibson's understanding of women and his articulation of their unique mission could have remarkable repercussions. This new — or old, inasmuch as it is natural and commonsensical — kind of feminism, a focus on the different contributions of men and women and the different ways they live their missions, should make us all rethink how we live and love."
Wow. Touching. Profound. Insightful. Maybe I got this Gibson guy all wrong. Maybe I should recognize him as a real pioneer of feminism - one who truly understands women. Like, for example, this caring and considerate compliment that only a woman could appreciate:

A law enforcement source says Gibson [after his arrest on Friday] then noticed another female sergeant and yelled, "What do you think you're looking at, sugar tits?"
Susan B. Anthony would be proud. And blushing. As for me, I'm busy re-thinking how I love....

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