Friday, September 08, 2006

History's Insurgents

Spencer Ackerman offers a series of friendly suggestions (tongue-in-cheek of course) for the Weekly Standard regarding how that publication might respond to the recently released Senate Intelligence Committee report which concluded that Iraq had no pre-war ties to Al Qaeda. They're all worth a gander, but this one in particular stood out [my bold].

Insist it's still an open question. That'll be a mite rich coming from a magazine that published a story based on a laughable piece of Feith-analysis and titled it "Case Closed," but it might be the most mainstream-acceptable option available. In this sense, revisionists are like Iraqi insurgents: they don't need to disprove the truth, they need only to make you think that the truth and a lie are equal possibilities - they just need to stop the truth from winning, in other words.

Priceless. And my money's on this one by the way. Anyone care to wager?

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