Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kaplan's Crunch

Fred Kaplan provides as thorough and balanced - yet concise - a history of the North Korea non-proliferation failure as I've seen. It's a fact-laden, truth-filled injection of counterinsurgency spinach meant to help fend off history's insurgents - most recently led by the intrepid, though chronologically challenged, John McCain. Says Kaplan:

McCain's version of history goes beyond "revisionism" to outright falsification. It is the exact opposite of what really happened. Let's take a look at the plain facts.

Please do. It's quick, easy and informative. It also provides an inkling into why Americans need to realize that George W. Bush and his misguided policies were not the exception, but rather the rule. A McCain presidency would only be shades better - but on the whole, still extremely destructive.

You see, all too often, modern Republican foreign policy falls prey to the seductive siren's call of chest thumping faux strength and the allure of self-righteously pyrrhic stands. As I like to say, on the other hand, the strength of a given policy is revealed in the results. Not in the bravado, swagger or abundance of ordnance employed along the way.

Speaking of results...

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