Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Someone Left the Cake Out In the Rain


A few months ago, I wrote what I hoped to be a sober, somewhat passionate plea for divided government in the coming cycle, begging anyone who thought of themselves as conservative - particularly in the non-authoritarian, American sense of the word - to vote for divided government in November '06. Even on this, the worst political day for the GOP in a while, I can't say their entire edifice is utterly collapsing; but there's a lot of Sweet Green Icing flowing down (h/t DemFromCT):

Why I am voting Democratic in 2006

I have decided to vote Democratic this fall. 

I am a conservative and a Republican party member. I believe in small government, free markets, strong defense, etc., but Bush’s snafu in Iraq is just too much. It overwhelms those issues which for 30 years have made me vote GOP. In addition to screwing up so far, there is zero evidence that he’s changed, or that he “gets it,” or anything.

That's the spirit.

Let's face it. It won't be only non-Republicans who will, in their heart-of-hearts, be relieved if at least one house of congress changes hands in '06. How big can a boil get?

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