Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Near Abroad

Part of the problem with serving many blog masters is that different blogs get different posts - though I tend to cross-post alot (and usually forget to drop a note to the reader to that effect). Sometimes TIA is the exclusive venue, other times, not so much.

Also, there are varying levels of discussion in the comments sections at the various locales. Along these lines, Nibras Kazimi and I went several rounds in a spirited back and forth over at American Footprints regarding my post below on his apparent civil war flip-flop (he took umbrage).

Then, because I decided that I hadn't yet antagonized enough people, I wrote a post that was somewhat critical of Spencer Ackerman (who I have the utmost respect for) which was not cross-posted over here.

Just a head's up if you care to follow along.

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