Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ram Tough

I'm proud to say that the Dean of my law school alma mater, Fordham, signed this letter. His name is William Treanor, and I had the good fortune of being assigned his criminal law class in my first year back when he was a professor, not a Dean (actually, rumor has it he still teaches despite his role as Dean).

He was a straight shooter as a professor, very accessible to students and always willing to stick around and chat after class. Fordham made a good choice in advancing him - as vindicated by his decision to publicly denounce the shameful attack on the legal profession, and the rule of law, as leveled by the Bush White House. No surprise there I guess.

The Bush administration has consistently shown more reverence for the concepts of "freedom," "justice" and "democracy" in the abstract, rather than the real world where such quaintisms have been treated contemptuously as nuisances and unwelcomed constraints on the Unitary Executive. If only governing were as easy as giving speeches.

For those not following the controversey, publius at Legal FictionObsidian Wings has the details.

(via Belgravia Dispatch)

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