Thursday, May 17, 2007

Boomin' Grannies?

This, from Laura Rozen, is deeply, deeply disturbing:
Editor & Publisher/NYT: Cartoonist's site among targets of pre-GOP convention NY police surveillance. Here's the list of groups and individuals reported on and surveilled by NYPD intel, including Planned Parenthood, Greenpeace, Billionaires for Bush, cartoonist Ted Rall, the NYC Independent Media Center, the ACLU, MSNBC, the Sierra Club, NOW, the Federation of East Village Artists, and Grandmothers Against War.
Yeah, because we know what a terrorist threat the "Grandmothers Against War" are. The Geriatric Jihadists. And MSNBC? What the hell is that all about?

Which is most definitely NOT to say that the rest of the list deserved such scrutiny (Planned Parenthood?). These are the actions of a police state, not a liberal democracy. Oh, and they hate us for our freedoms.

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