Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Want to Have a Beer With That Guy

Many on the Right are engaging in the subtle arts of innuendo and insinuation - laying the rhetorical groundwork for a replay of Der Dolchstoss whereby they can avoid responsibility for the catastrophic failure of their Iraq policies and salvage their political standing by blaming anyone to the left of Dick Lugar (or not) for defeat. Innuendo and insinuation, however, are so effete, so elitist, so very French. So it is refreshing when a straight talking, authentic, everyman comes along with the gumption to just come out and say, "stabbed in the back" like the Nazis used to do.

In this regard, Ralph Peters proves to be Glenn Reynolds' better. Here's Glenn:

IN THE MAIL: Col. Buzz Patterson's War Crimes: The Left's Campaign to Destroy Our Military and Lose the War on Terror.

I don't think that the left wants to lose the war on terror, exactly — they just want Bush to lose the war on terror. I suspect, however, that Patterson's theme is one that we'll hear more in the future, especially if things go badly in Iraq.

So passive Glenn. So timid. There's even a faint aroma of nuance. Peters, on the other hand, likes his Nazi slogans verbatim. Hey Ralph, be you:

Which brings us to the home front, where the war just might be lost, no matter what progress we make on the ground.

Political hucksterism and poll-pandering on Capitol Hill amount to stabbing our troops in the back. Period.

Straight, no chaser.

All snark aside, this is going to get ugly.

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