Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So, Like, Therefore I Am

Both Cernig and Fester over at Newshoggers were sharing a bottle of TIA label 151, and in their drunken stupor saw fit to tag this blog with a "Thinking Blogger Award." I appreciate the gesture, even if they're both suffering from morning after regrets.

In addition to spending the prize money, and making a series of public appearances across New Jersey the country, my duties include selecting five other bloggers to infect with this meme. There are really too many to choose from, and I'll try to leave some of the bigger guns off the list because, well, they don't need the money or the publicity (Matt Y, Kevin D, Josh M, Laura R, Blake H, blue and orange satans, etc). So if I don't mention you, it's only because you're so rich and famous already (or, like the gang at LGM, have already been tagged six times with this one - showoffs).

First up would be Swopa at Needlenose. The original recipient of the "-damus" suffix for his predictive abilities, his play-by-play on Iraq has been non-stop illumination. Some have critiqued him for being cynical and lacking in moral judgment, but it is precisely the lack of sentimentality and cheerleaderism that allows him to call them as he sees them. Which he does quite well.

Next I'll go for a bank shot since they both share the same masthead: Hilzoy and Publius at Obsidian Wings. Two of my favorite writers in the 'sphere - who both share the ability to breakdown complex concepts into plain language and imagery (even for those of us who pretend that we don't need such layman speak). When they're on (which is quite frequently), it's a pleasure to read [Notwithstanding Publius' utter lack of taste in music].

In the interest of diversity (sort of), I'm going to select my favorite libertarian in the whole wide world of blogs: Jim Henley. His blog is a daily read, and his perspective is one of the more thoughtful and intelligent that I've come across. When he's cooking, his posts are like food for the brain (with an eclectic menu that spans from Hayek to the X-Men to Elvis Costello). Unqualified Offerings is also a nice portal/filter for some of the finer libertarian contributions in the 'sphere for those of us that don't have a million hours to peruse everything [Having Mona as a contributor is always a serious plus - so consider this a second bank shot].

More diversity (hey, I'm a multi-culti liberal, what did you expect). My favorite conservative and one time blog host Greg Djerejian still offers the best right of center fare around. Although work, marriage and a newborn have selfishly taken Greg away from his blog for extended periods, when he has the time, he's always worth the read.

Last but not least, I'm going with The Editors. No one makes me laugh harder or more frequently. The brilliance, though, is in the underlying commentary. Being that funny about the world of politics ain't easy, and it requires a depth of knowledge and penetrating insight. Also, a solid grasp of photoshop (see, ie, Broderella) and a generous application of the Fiend Folio.

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