Friday, July 27, 2007

Tested Your Mettle on Doe Skin and Petals

Dana Goldstein points out:
Via Salon: It's fascinating/typical that only two GOP candidates, Ron Paul and John McCain, have agreed to participate in the GOP version of the YouTube/CNN debate we all enjoyed so much this week.
To which Ezra Klein adds:
The GOP candidates want to stay away from the YouTube debate because they're afraid of even mildly uncontrollable settings. It's rather remarkable, actually, that the media, who relies on candidates entering unscripted settings in order to make news/give reporters some to write about don't exhibit some class solidarity and direct one-tenth the scorn they heaped on John Edwards haircut towards the GOP's cowardice and unwillingness to speak before the voters in an even mildly unpredictable setting.
Actually, I think Ezra misses the larger point: If the GOP candidates can't handle a face-to-face with YouTube, how are they going to stand up to Osama bin Laden and the terrorists? Think about it.

[UPDATE: And then Josh Marshall made me look like a plagiarist.]

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