Thursday, September 20, 2007

With Friends Like These...

Eric Kleefeld highlights some recent poll data that backs up the thesis laid out in this prior post:
Now this is curious. In the latest Gallup poll, more Republicans approve of the job Congress is doing than there are Democrats who approve. According to the poll, 37% of Republicans approve of Congress' performance, compared to 23% of Democrats and 14% of independents, with an overall rating of 24% approval and 71% disapproval.

This is odd, of course, considering that both houses have Democratic majorities. But on second thought, the current Congress has passed President Bush's funding requests for Iraq, passed his FISA bill, and has given the White House exactly what it wanted on a host of other issues. So what do Republicans really have to complain about?
Exactly. A large chunk of Congress' low approval rating stems from the fact that Congress hasn't done enough to counter the GOP agenda. But that level of discontent won't actually translate into gains by the GOP next election cycle because voters aren't going to decide, en masse, to elect GOP politicians as a means to better counter the GOP's agenda.

What it could, and should, mean, however, is that there will be more spirited Democratic primary battles pitting Bush Dog Democrats against true-blue progressives.

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